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All my listings displayed below. Fully bilingual (French/English), school teacher for many years in Alberta and Saskatchewan, born and raised in Quebec, I have lived in Regina since 1994 with my beautiful wife of 28 years and 4 children. Honesty and professional ethics beyond the call of duty are my trademarks. I love my job!


We would highly recommend using One Percent Realty! Our house was sold within days of listing with One Percent Realty and we received excellent service for a fraction of the cost!
Christy and Glenn

I listed my home with Claude Barry and One Percent Realty last fall. Claude provided exceptional, very personable customer service. He was extremely well informed of current market prices and comparable listings. Claude made some great, low cost suggestions to make my home sale-ready and had an amazing eye for every detail included in the sale of my home. We sold in under two weeks with multiple offers!!! Thanks again, Claude!

We wanted to sell our house but did not want to pay an unreasonable commission. We considered a Com-Free listing but that meant expending funds and still doing our own work (which we are inexperienced at). Why not hire a reasonable priced realtor? The answer, One Percent Realty. We considered the available agents and picked Claude Barry. Claude helped us sell our house to the first viewer, made the task easy. We are pleased with Claude’s work and would recommend Claude for your realty needs!

Sam & Marie

We chose Claude as our real estate agent due to the low sales commission (competition average is 5%) with One Percent Realty. In addition, we were very impressed with Claude's knowledge, professionalism, personal attention, and communication during the entire process of getting our Mom's house sold in a timely and hassle-free manner. It was a pleasure working with Claude and we will definitely recommend him to our friends. Thanks again Claude!


FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions.

Sell or buy a home with confidence with One Percent Realty. We offer the same 100% MLS service, yet we are very different. See below how.

Contact me if there's a question not listed here you want the answer to.

Q. What Do You Charge?

A. For homes listed under $700,000 we charge a flat rate of $7,950 plus tax (11%). Whether your home is worth $200,000 or $699,000 we charge the same $7,950. For homes listed over $700,000, we charge 1% on the 1st $100,000 and 1% + the $950 admin fee. So homes under $700,000 are just $7,950, a home priced at $800,000 is $8,950, $900,000 is $9,950 and so forth. See the savings chart on our website to see how much of your hard earned money you can save while still receiving the full MLS® service you expect!

Q. Are Your Listings on MLS®,,, kijiji? 
A. Yes to all and many more!

Q. How Does an Agent for the Buyer Get Paid? Do I Have to Pay Them? 
A. Sellers are responsible for paying commission to agents. The $7,950 commission includes $3,500 of commission to the Buyer's representative. With a sale value under $700,000 with One Percent Realty representing the Seller and the Buyer being represented by a Cooperating Brokerage: the One Percent listing agent earns $3,500, the cooperating Brokerage earns $3,500, and the remaining $950 pays for the One Percent agent’s expenses incurred in selling your home (admin fee). This sum is usually taken from the proceeds of the sale of your home by lawyers at completion date.

Q. Are There Any Upfront Fees to List Your Home with One Percent Realty? Any penalty fee for cancelling a contract? Any Minimum length of contract?

A. No upfront or penalty fees. By municipal law listings must be a minimum of 2 months and a maximum of one year but can be cancelled, extended or renewed at any time. We will not coerce you into listing for a minimum of 6 months for example. 

Q. Will Other Agents Show One Percent Listings? 
A. Easily the most frequently asked question...Why would an agent show his/her client a One Percent listing when that agent can show a different listing and possibly earn more? 75% to 80% of our listings are sold by cooperative brokerages.There are several reasons that other agents do show One Percent listings. (1) Agents have an ethical duty to show all listings, regardless of commission, unless they are authorized by their client to do otherwise; (2) agents still earn a commission; (3) 98% of buyers are searching homes on the internet themselves, and can easily find One Percent listings all over the internet. That means they are the ones deciding which houses they want to see, not their agent.

Q. Does One Percent Realty Work? 
A. Yes One Percent Realty works! Clients can save many thousands of $$$ in real estate commission as myriads of other Canadians have! Across Canada we have sold over One Billion $ in real estate in 2018. Your property will attract a buyer if priced realistically. Paying thousands more in commission is not what will sell your property, it will sell because of the exposure we provide to attract the right buyer for your home.

Q. How can you make a living with so little? 
A. One Percent Realty sells lots of properties across Canada. One Percent REALTORS® don't have the overhead costs many other agents have and our low commission structure allows us to focus on serving our clients instead of wasting valuable time soliciting new business. In addition, we don't have an office and staff in Saskatchewan, we simply work out of our homes. And you pay absolutely nothing to me until your home is sold! 

Q. What Do You Mean By "Full Real Estate Services"? 

A. When I promise to provide Full Real Estate Services this includes listing your property on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS®) of our Board, and other syndicated websites, as well as, taking realistic photos, advertising your property, holding open houses, installing 'for sale' sign, lock boxes, handling all showings, all documentation and contracts, negotiations, keeping you informed, cooperating with brokerages representing buyers, responding to inquiries - THE WORKS!

Q. What's The Best Way To Contact You For a Free Market Evaluation? 
A. Please call or text me directly at 306-450-2232, email me at or contact our office number and speak to our Broker Tyrel at 1-800-928-0933.

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My Happy Customers (44)

7941 Flax ave. Westerra, Regina

$1,100 SAVED!

Sold by cooperative Brokerage.

15 Flamingo Crescent Whitmotre Park, Regina

$8,380 SAVED!

Sold through a cooperative Buyer's Brokerage

Aerial Crescent, Harbour Landing, Regina

$17,000 SAVED!

Sold through cooperative Buyer's Brokerage

Marian Gardens condo, Hillsdale, Regina

$9,490 SAVED!

Sold through the cooperation of a Buyer's Brokerage.

3323 Essex Cres Windsor Pk Regina

$16,539 SAVED!

Sold through cooperative Buyers' Brokerage.

5321 3rd ave., Rosemont, Regina

$4,550 SAVED!

Sold through a cooperative brokerage.

755 Bluebird, Parkridge, Regina

$9,213 SAVED!

Sold through the cooperation of a Buyer's Brokerage.

Moose Jaw West Park Village

Moose Jaw
$8,460 SAVED!

Sold through a cooperative Buyer's Brokerage.

Regina Dominion Heights

$7,160 SAVED!

Sold internally.

57 Everton cres. Westmount Moose Jaw

$18,000 SAVED!

Sold rapidly through cooperative brokerage.

204 Coldwell road Regent Park

$5,960 SAVED!

Sold through cooperative brokerage.

372 Lockwood Road Albert Park, Regina

$12,321 SAVED!

Sold through cooperating brokerage.

3 Rawlison Crescent, Albert Park Regina, Sk

$7,437 SAVED!

Sold through the cooperation of another brokerage.

Regina, The Crescents

$9,650 SAVED!

Sold through cooperative Buyer's Brokerage.

2818 Assiniboine Lakeview

$24,253 SAVED!

Sold through cooperative buyer's brokerage.

31 Ryan road Albert Park

$4,000 SAVED!

Another listing sold through cooperative brokerage.

3031 Regina ave. Lakeview

$9,200 SAVED!

Sold internally.

114 Carter Crescent, Normanview

$8,600 SAVED!

Sold through cooperative brokerage.

Wascana Views

$7,500 SAVED!

Sold by cooperative Buyer's Brokerage.

2058 McDonald street, Regina

$4,600 SAVED!

Sold by cooperative brokerage.

1363 Manitou Crescent, Moose Jaw, SK

Moose Jaw
$10,045 SAVED!

Sold through a cooperative Buyer Brokerage

5245 Aerial Crescent, Regina

$13,500 SAVED!

Sold internally.

3722 Selinger Crescent

$17,300 SAVED!

3554 Hazel Grove, Regina, S4V 2S7

$12,900 SAVED!

Great clients! Happy for them after several offers transaction went smoothly.

10 McCormick Crescent, Regina S4T 6J8

$6,800 SAVED!

48 Krivel Crescent, Regina

$7,100 SAVED!

1642 Marquis ave., Moose Jaw

Moose Jaw,
$5,600 SAVED!

36 Angus crescent

$6,500 SAVED!

2627 Grainger Place

$10,300 SAVED!

2822 Truesdale Drive, Regina

$10,400 SAVED!


Rural North West,
$9,900 SAVED!

821 Grace st, Regina

$4,100 SAVED!

202 Brookview Drive

$14,900 SAVED!

26 Rothwell Cres. Regina, S4N 1R4

$3,500 SAVED!

5364 Aerial Crescent, Regina

$13,900 SAVED!

2027 Windsor Place East

$15,600 SAVED!

6622 Liggett Bay, Regina, Sk S4X 2G6

$5,700 SAVED!

3911 Flicker Bay East, Regina, Sk S4N 7P5

$16,700 SAVED!

40 Wiest Bay, Balgonie Sk S0G 0E0

Rural North East,
$3,460 SAVED!

42 Bruce Place, Regina, Sk S4R 5Y3

$7,700 SAVED!

Sold 1st day on the market.

572 Dalgliesh Drive, Regina, Sk S4R 6L8

$10,700 SAVED!

2255 Wascana street

$5,900 SAVED!

65 Duncan crescent

$9,700 SAVED!

#6 - 15 Coventry road, Regina, Sk

$2,100 SAVED!

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